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Trumstand iPhone/iPod speaker

Trumstand iPhone/iPod speaker dock Fans of antique gramophones will enjoy this unique iPod/iPhone dock, which uses traditional horn amplification techniques to create louder sound without the use of electronics. It's made of high quality brass and is coated with your choice of gold or silver. It also has a USB connector so that a docked device can charge while playing. The gold version is US$2,000 while the silver one is $1,800.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for OS X

This free data recovery software is capable of restoring lost files even if the drive is formatted or crashed. It works with hard-drives, memory cards, USB flash drives and can even from an iPod. There are dedicated search modes for deleted files, recovery from a damaged or a lost partition or recovery of media files. The only issue is that the free edition limits recovery data size to 1GB. Get it from:

Create instant email inbox

Some websites and forums require an email ID just for adding comments, but they may also send a lot of spam. There is a simple way out - enter your mail id as ‘’ (replace xxxx with your choice of username). To check incoming mail, just head over to and enter the email id in the box that says ‘Check your Inbox’. Since there is no password, choose a unique id so that no one else can access your mails.

Gift&Take for BlackBerry

This free app allows you to send various picture messages with customised text to your friends using Facebook or BlackBerry messenger. Simply launch the app, select the relevant image out of their collection (free or paid). It will then give you option to add your own text or add a quote from the app's collection. Once done, you can either save the customized message for later or send it instantly to your friends on BBM or Facebook.

60beat GamePad

On-screen controls may not be best for all types of games (especially those originally designed for other devices). 60beats gamepad is the first physical controller that works with iOS devices. It has dual analog joysticks, a D-pad and 10 action buttons. It connects and powers through the 3.5mm audio jack, but can work with only 60 compatible games currently. Get it for US$ 50 from (India shipping is available).

Sendtosendto for Windows

This free shell extension for windows makes it simple to add new items in the 'Send To' menu. After installation, right click on the folder/location that you want to add to the menu. Go to 'Send To' and click on the icon that reads 'Add here'. The marked location will then be added to the 'Send To' menu. Note that the application only gives the option to add items to the menu and not remove them.

Save any webpage as a PDF Format

Ever wanted to save an entire webpage so that you can read it later, mail it or just keep it as backup? Head over to and enter the address of the webpage you want to save in the text box. Click on the orange button next to the box and in a few seconds you will get the option to save a PDF of the webpage in an A4 size layout. It saves the entire webpage as it is with all the images and advertisement banners.


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