McAfee Mobile Security for Android

With the growth of the Android platform, security risks and viruses are also becoming more prevalent. McAfee’s mobile security is an application that acts as a one-stop solution for all your security needs. It requires a first time registration to be done – a six digit security pin needs to be set for your device. With us, it look multiple tries to register since the app kept timing out while trying to register with the server – even with Wi-Fi connected. After registration, you can scan your devices for any viruses, take a backup of your personal data, lock the device, wipe all data and use the site advisor to browse the internet more securely. The application also works as a tracker and can show you the location of your device (if stolen) through the online portal with options to remotely lock or wipe the phone. The app is also as a free 7-days trial after which you can buy a 1-year license for $29.99.

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