Enhance Your Web Browser

Copy Plain Text:-
There may be times when you need to copy text off a website for reference. Just select text and copy-pasting it might also copy the html code of the site. To prevent this, use Copy Plain Text. It integrates into the right click menu and lets you copy selected text in simple text format, ignoring all the code.
Download Status bar:-
Normally, a download window pops up every time you start a download in Firefox – but this can be an annoyance. With this plug-in, all downloads show up on the status bar at the bottom – each with its own progress bar. You can view download speeds and hover over the progress bar for more information.
Down Them All:-

Down the mail is an easy to use download manager that makes downloading multiple things a breeze. It can really come in handy if you want to download multiple item from a single page – there are advanced features like ‘file queue’, ‘download speed limit’ and ‘download all links’.
Browsing on the internet has its share of security issues. With Noscripts installed, you can set filters to browse securely. It gives option allow specified sites to run scripts on your computer or show pop-up windows with links. You can even restrict launch of audio/video and flash content.

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