Burrp for BlackBerry

Burrp is one of the premier web portals that serves up information on topic like food, nightlife and beauty across 11 states in the country. The Burrp! App available currently for BlackBerry brings this whole information to your mobile screen n an easy-to-use interface. At first run, the app detects your location but can also set it manually. You have the option to choose from food, nightlife, events, shopping, health, beauty or

movies. The application that takes you to a secondary menu with various options for the category you have selected. There is also search box on top accessible throughout the app to quickly search across sections and you have the option to directly call any of the places listed. The only grip that we have is that the app tends to take a long time to get information at times over a GPRS network, especially in the food section.


  1. Download from burrp! on Blackberry from here http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/reviews/44688?lang=en

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