Music STREAMING Apps for Mobile

It's easy to get free, legal & unlimited high quality music online with the added benefit of saving memory on your device. 
SAAVN MUSIC (Android, iOS)  
This app gives you the choice to either listen to a live radio stream or create your own playlist. Just search for music or choose between the weekly top 15, new releases and featured playlists.
DESI MUSIC (Android & iOS)
Available for iOS and Android, this app offers music in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Songs are sorted into various categories and you can also search through them. The app can show you the song lyrics if you like .
TINYSHARK (Android) 
Tinyshark is a Grooveshark alternative for Android devices. Not only does it use the same database for searching music, it even lets you import playlists from the site. You can listen to individual songs or create a playlist of choice. 
DHINGANA (Android, BB, iOS, Nokia)
This app has a simple interface with large icons. You can search for specific songs or choose to listen to the current popular songs across various genres. There is also an option to create your own playlist. PC users can go to the full website for more.
SHAZAM (Android, BB, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone) 
Shazam lets you identify a song by listening to it via your device's microphone. Once it identifies the song, it gives you the option to listen to it and even makes recommendations of artists that make similar music. 
SOUNDHOUND(Android, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone) 
Soundhound lets you search by either identifying songs (like Shazam), by typing in the name of song/artist or by speaking it out. You can then listen to songs and even look up the lyrics of the songs (Google lyric search from within the app). 

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