Microsoft Launched Internet Explorer 10 Preview To Windows 7 PCs

Microsoft has officially released preview of Internet Explorer 10 . Previously, IE 10 was only available on Windows 8. The update includes the same standards-based platform that Windows 8 users received, says Microsoft, including support for touch, a full screen user interface, security improvements, and support for HTML5 and CSS3.  Desktops, laptops and tablet compute
rs running on Windows 8 are sold with Internet Explorer 10 already installed. Those with older Windows versions will have to download and install the new browser separately.
                 While many tech enthusiasts are likely to hold fast to their favorite alternative browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera, IE10 makes significant performance improvements over IE9. It's fair to say some of IE10's tablet-focused (i.e. Windows 8 RT) features have been stripped out for Windows 7 users though, like embedded Adobe Flash and Metro mode. Most of IE10's improvements over IE9 are improved performance, better web standards rendering, DNT on by default and multi-touch gestures support.

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