Bose Solo TV Sound System

Bose announced single-speaker product the Solo TV sound system which is designed for everyday TV watching. The problem with most soundbars is that they don’t offer much in the way of low-end, and they also have to sit in front of your fancy thin flat-panel TV. Bose has a new option which aims to solve both of these problems. It measures just 7cm high and 52.5cm wide and has been designed especially for flat panel television in particular 42-inch models so that it matches the width of the HDTV. You can connect your TV using RCA audio or using digital co-axial/optical ports. The speaker enhances the TV's sound using Bose's advanced speaker array technology that provides a wider and richer audio experience. Using proprietary digital audio processing, the speaker adjusts and optimises the audio output to maintain an even volume level.

PRICE: RS25, 673

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