Samsung Sells 10 million Galaxy Phones in India

Samsung Electronics announced that they have sold more than 10 million Galaxy devices in Indian market since the launch of the first Galaxy device, 'Galaxy S', in June 2010. Galaxy series phones like Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Y caught a big customer attraction in Indian market. This has helped Samsung sell more than 10 million Galaxy devices in the Indian market since June 2010, when the first Galaxy device was launched. The Galaxy series comprises a portfolio of devices like Galaxy Y (launched in October 2011), Galaxy SII (May 2011), Galaxy Tab (November 2011), Galaxy Tab 2 310 (May 2012) and Galaxy SIII. Though the company declined to comment on individual contribution of a particular device, Galaxy Y series, Note series and SIII together contributed more than 50% of the sales. Samsung has fuelled the growth of the smartphone market in India and has been a category leader since last year. Samsung's portfolio of 13 Galaxy devices in the Indian market are priced between RS6, 790 to RS39, 990
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