UC Browser

All smartphones come with web browsers preinstalled, and most of them do a good job of letting you get around the internet. But if you are not satisfied with what comes preloaded on your handset, give UC Browser a try. Websites load faster on this spiffy piece of software; switching between tabs is effortless; and pinch to zoom works well. The browser also keeps track of how much data you’ve used during your browsing sessions, giving you a report when you close the window. Besides, UCB comes with its own app market, which can be handy for people whose phones do not have Google Play. The browser can load websites in three modes 'lite, desktop and mobile' depending on your connection speed and data charges that you might want to save. And there’s also a night mode, which may not work well on all websites, but helps save battery.
Available For -iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry.

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