Sennheiser Launched Range of Five Sports Earphones

With the collaboration of Adidas Orginals, Sennheiser has launched a range of five new sports earphones. PX 685i, PMX 685i, MX 685, OCX 685i and CX 685 are the new sports earphones. All of them were tested by professional athletes to ensure that they work properly even during the most rigourous sports activity. The materials used ensure durability — sweat & rain resistance along with reinforced cables. After use, the earphones can simply be rinsed under a tap tp make them ready for next use. Three of the models are also equipped with the Apple remote/microphone so that they can be used seamlessly with the iPhone/iPod. 

Specs: Sweat and water-resistant, Para-aramid reinforced cable for superior strength and reliability |Blocks less outside noise so you stay aware of your immediate environment |Ergonomic headband for secure and comfort fit during workouts | Ideal for use with all MP3, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other devices with 3.5mm audio jack 

PRICE: Rs. 3, 490 onwards

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