eDJing for Android & iOS

eDJing is a free DJ mix rec studio. This feature-rich app provides you with your own mixing console, comprising two scratch-able turntables, a cross fader, and the possibility to record your audio mixes in CD-quality ‘.wav’ format. eDJing gives you access to DJ tools such as cue point, flanger, equalizer, pitch changer, and beats syncing. You can create your own mixes with the tracks stored on your device – and share them on social networks to earn ‘Vinyl’. These are points that can be exchanged for additional functions such as pre-cueing, auto scratch, and reverb. The app’s interface is intuitive – and within no time, you’ll find yourself syncing beats, scratching vinyl, and adding sound effects to create your own jams. eDJing, however, is a bit resource-heavy, requiring at least 1GB of RAM. That said, it’s one of the best free DJing tools we’ve seen so far.
Click here to download(Android).

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