Contacts+ for Android & iOS

If you’re looking for a souped-up phonebook, then try Contacts+. The app scans your handset to build a visual grid of all the people in your address book, and it even allows you to navigate seamlessly from your SMS inbox to your call log. You can view contacts by recent calls, favourites, and groups; block SMSs and calls from specific numbers, and even attach social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to receive event notifications and more. Contacts+ finds matches automatically, or you can do it manually to update each person’s profile yourself. Once done, you can browse these networks from the app’s sidebar. You can even use its quick actions feature to text, call or launch your e-mail app by long-pressing a contact’s thumbnail image. The best part: You can also use Contacts+ as the default app for your phonebook and text messages.
Click Here  to Download (Android)
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