Vocabulary Builder App for Android & iOS

Ever been stuck for the right word? Try this app. When you begin, you are first asked for the reason you want to improve your vocabulary (whether you’re studying for a test like GRE or TOEFL, or if you just want to improve your word power). You are also asked if you want to practise your vocabulary on your own, challenge friends, or do both. Create an account and you are provided with quizzes of varying difficulties – basic, intermediate and advanced – that test your word prowess. The entire wordlist of over 1,200 words is selected and defined with usage examples by expert tutors. Each level you beat unlocks a harder one with  more advanced words. And the ones that you don’t know are repeated until you master them, using spaced repetition which has been shown to be an effective memorization technique. As you complete a level, you can compete with other users, or even sign up with Facebook to play against your friends.
Click here  to download (Android)
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