PhotoApp Group Photo Sharing

PhotoApp – Group Photo Sharing lets you share your photos privately with family and friends. This free service lets you upload unlimited photos, create any number of albums, and provide viewing access to select people. After registering with the service, you are prompted to create an album for your pictures. Each album comes with individual privacy options so you can set it to be private, disable social sharing, and even prevent guests from sending out invites to your collection. Those who receive an invite to join an album can view the photos, but need to register for an account to ‘like’ and comment on your uploads. A “Guestlist” shows who you have invited to view your albums. You can revoke access or “promote” guests to become hosts of the album so that they too can add pictures and edit album info. PhotoApp also allows for 30-second video uploads, but this feature is only available for iOS devices as of now.
click here to download (Android)
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