BSNL is Going to Introducing Video Calls in Landphones

Within half or a year, you can do video calls, chats/conferencing on your old BSNL land phone connection, a feature which will be facilitated after C-DoT upgrades BSNL's existing telecom infrastructure to the Next Generation Network (NGN). C-DoT has also developed a broadband wireless terminal which can provide broadband speeds faster than 3G networks with very low capital and operational expenditure. You can see the features of smater BSNL/MTNL
Video conferencing services: You can have calls/conferencing/chat on a specially-designed landline phone, which includes a camera and a screen

Caller Pools: You can create a pool of frequent callers located in India or abroad and make phone calls virtually free of cost using VoIP. For this, you need to be IP centrex subscribers

Dedicated Voice Portal: You can decide on services such as waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, etc.

Number portability & Roming: User need not change ther landline number even if they go to another state.

Pre-Paid service: User can change the tarrif plans between pre-paid and postpaid services

Priority calls: User can take incoming calls and keep their existing call on hold

Caller ring back tone: You can customise the ringtone, much the same way you do on a mobile phone

Do Not Disturb calls/ Call Filter: You can allow call from certain number at a certain time

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