Turkish Hackers Hijacked Pakistani Versions Of Google, Apple And Other 280+ Websites

The Turkish hacking group calls itself Eboz have taken down the local Pakistani versions of many popular websites, including google.com.pk, apple.pk, microsoft.pk, yahoo.pk and other 280+ websites of Pakistan on yesterday. A search in the Zone-h archive of defaced websites, notes hundreds of sites that have been defaced by Ebo
z — in all, the number totals 313, with 85 single IP and 228 “mass defacement.” Many are Turkish but the full list covers a number of countries and top-level domains. This list doesn’t appear to contain today’s Pakistani list, meaning that Eboz is now linked to some 600 take-downs. It’s not clear exactly what Eboz’s motive is. One question is whether there is a political angle. Eboz was also linked to several sites taken down earlier in the week in Israel. However, that group appeared to be Pakistani, while this one is Turkish.

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