Magicon Ultrasmart series smartphones

Aircel and Magicon to launch three budget Android smartphones for the Indian market. The flagship phone, called the Mnote (RS9, 999) has a 5-inch touchscreen (800 x 480 pixel), dual core processor, 2000 mAh battery and Android4.0. The M1 (RS4, 499) and M2 (RS4, 999) have 3.5-inch touchscreens, 5MP cameras, Android 2.3 and a1Ghz processor. The M2 has a slightly larger battery compared to the M1 (1450mAh vs 1300 mAh) and an LED flash for the camera. All phones come bundled with a 4GB microSD card and special offers from Aircel for 3G data, calling and SMS.

PRICE: Mnote (RS9, 999), M1 (RS4, 499), M2 (RS4, 999)

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