Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Simulator 1.0, Per-Windows Private Browsing To Firefox Nightly

Mozilla releases the Friefox OS Simulator. The Firefox OS Simulator launched three weeks ago, is now stable enough for a formal 1.0 launch. The Firefox OS Simulator is an extension for Firefox that allows developers and users to test their apps for Mozilla’s new mobile operating system without having to get a compatible phone. Developers can test their HTML5 apps before the OS makes its debut next year. Mozilla hasn’t wired up Firefox Sync support yet, and it’s loading desktop version of web pages. 
                     Mozilla also announced that it is bringing per-window private browsing. But this feature is only available in the experimental Nightly versions of Firefox. The per-window private browsing is a complete, from-scratch redesign of Firefox's private browsing mode, which now allows users to open a new private window without losing any existing Firefox windows. Users can even right click on any link and choose to open the page in a private browser window using the feature.

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