Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: The latest Gadget

A new gadget has entered into the family of tablets reaching all the expectations and discoveries. The Original Galaxy Tab from Samsung is one of the best tablets in the market; with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 it is more likely to give tough competition to the Apple’s iPad 2. Out of all the tablets that have been released into the market, this tablet gives the closest resemblance to Apple iPad 2. Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has a stylish look, quality, good design, thinner and it is lighter than the Apple iPad 2. 
Internet: Tablet are very popular for the browsing internet and having lager screens without any hassle, weight, or heat of laptop. You can also bookmark some of the favourite sites and can be synced to Google account. Offline reading is one of the new features of this device, it allows you to view and read the pages that have been stored on the device. 
Features and Design: Tab 10.1 is the successor of the famous Tab 10.1. This Galaxy tab 10.2 was confusingly released with the tab 10.1.It has a headphone jack of 3.5mm at the top of the tablet. Though 10 inch tablet is not recommended by many, the interesting thing about it is that movie playback. It available with the 16 GB memory can be extended to 64 GB in size. It has a head phone of 3.5 mm jack and a front facing VGA camera above the tablet screen. There is also a VGA camera which is front facing at the top of the screen, also a pinhole and 30 pin dock connector for inbuilt microphone. It is somewhat frustrating for the user as they have to use dedicated cable every time they want to connect to the computer or charger Tab 2, as many of the Android devices come with the fast charging these days. 
Messaging and Battery: There are lots of messaging options available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, some of them are Gmail, and Email with many user accounts and allows you to see all new mails at one place. This Galaxy tab has included Chat On messaging service which is equivalent to Apple’s IMessage and BlackBerry’s BBM. The Battery used in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 7,000 mAh.
Interface: Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 comes with the Android version of ICS, Ice Cream Sandwich. It can also be updated to the Jelly Bean. The dual core processor is 1 GHz; Ram size is about 1 GB. Its interface is easy to use. The Android notification area at the bottom of the right corner, which includes controlling power for Wi-Fi, brightness, GPS and other settings. Some of the apps of Samsung are alarm, calculator, music player email, task manager, S Planner and world clock. Overall it provides intuitive and simple user interface for the both the hardened Android fans and first time users. With the 1GHz processor the experience is not that much smooth of its competitors. If you are looking to purchase this new tab and running short of funds you can also opt for the payday loans like payday loans which will be approved instantly. 
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