Apple Launched Gift Cards for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Apple Store is ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with a collection of online Black Friday iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPod and other Apple products. Instead of the usual small discounts the company offering gift cards with purchases. Apple was offering gift cards of up to $150 for the purchase of a Mac, up to $75 for an iPad and up to $50 for an iPod. No gift cards were being offered for iPhones or the new iPad Mini, which went on sale earlier this month. 

Gift cards are available with the purchase of the following items:

-  iPad Air – $75 gift card

-  iPad 2 – $50 gift card
-  iPad mini – $50 gift card

-  iPod touch – $50 gift card

-  iPod nano – $25 gift card

-  Macbook Air – $150 gift card

-  Macbook Pro – $150 gift card

-  Macbook Pro with Retina display – $150 gift card

-  iMac – $150 gift card

-  Apple TV – $25 gift card

-  Nest – $50 Gift Card

- $25 to $50 gift cards on other accessories.
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