Samsung Introduced their 1st OS named Tizen

Samsung has introduced their 1st OS named Tizen. The OS Tizen is a linux-based operating system for smartphones. It is not currently available for any of Samsung phone as it is a free OS. This is made by Samsung for their hugely developed smartphone which now runs with Android OS. Android OS Features many things as Samsung is in taking decision of stopping Android Smartphones and start using Tizen. 

In these past years after getting Android OS to Samsung it was a big profited thing happened for their smartphone so a sudden change to the OS Tizen will not be so good for some Samsung users but it will be a big change of indroducing the new OS which is made by the company itself. Every Smartphones are Android OS so it will be a big change in Samsung Smartphone history. Samsung has used its Tizen OS for a SmartCamera and for a phone named NTT DoCoMo. It was just indroduced before 1-2 months from 23 November 2013. It is simpler in its looks as the OS features all its app icons to present in a rounded shape. It could be later introduced to Samsung Smartphones as the new Android 4.4 KitKat is top at OS market which makes everyone waiting for its updates. Samsung planned to start Smartphones which have the OS Tizen from 2013 but as it just introduced a few months before so Samsung could not exhibit it to their smartphones. Tizen OS was just been known from a 2-3 weeks ago while the plan was to launch the phone with Tizen was on the middle of 2013. The OS Tizen is Composed by Samsung and Intel.

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