Enpass Password Manager

With so many e-mail, social networking, and bank accounts, it becomes quite a chore to remember login names, passwords and PINs. EPM helps you store this confidential information on your smartphone securely. All you need to do is set a master password to unlock the app. The free version lets you save up to twenty items – bank details, e-mail/FTP/Wi-Fi router logins, private notes, passport numbers, etc – protected with 256-bit AES encryption (nothing is stored on EPM’s servers). But you can back up the encrypted file to your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive account. If you use the PC/Mac version, you can restore your file by syncing with your cloud storage service. EPM boasts of a clean interface and can also generate passwords, based on your preferences.
Click here to download (android)
Click here to download (blackberry) 
Click here to download (windows)
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