Phogy, 3D Camera

Remember that scene in The Matrix where Neo leans back to dodge bullets while the camera revolves 360 degrees around him? That cinematic trick was used quite extensively in the movie trilogy – and since then, in many other movies. Now, you can replicate that same revolution effect using your smartphone and the Phogy app. Click on the shoot button and move the camera around your subject. Phogy shoots multiple images and stitches it all together to create a 3D photo. To view, simply tilt your handset right and left to see the magic  unfold before your eyes. The free version lets you create GIF animations that you can share via Google+, Tumblr, and view in a browser window. Or you can export your ‘Phogy’, including selfies, into the MP4 format to share on Youtube and Facebook. The paid version unlocks extra features, including photo filters, better quality captures and 3D-effect wallpapers.
Click here  to download (Android)

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