The New Microsoft EDGE Browser

Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer 11, is a completely redesigned, minimalistic web browser, with very few controls in the main window. What you do get is a “Reading Mode” for distraction- free reading. When enabled, it strips off all the multimedia content from the web page, leaving you with just the main image and article text. You can also use the “Make a Web Note” button in Edge to take a screenshot of a web page, highlight text, make annotations and share it via e-mail. Alternatively, you can hit its “Share” button to send a web page as a screenshot or a link via e-mail without leaving the browser. You can also select text, right-click and “Ask Cortana” to look-up topics in a sidebar without leaving the current tab. However, this feature will become visible only after Cortana is rolled out for our region. That said, IE 11 still exists in Windows 10 for compatibility with certain websites.

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